The Godfather Pack

The Godfather Pack


The Godfather Pack is for those who crave a little luxury!


The Sky High Munchies Godfather Pack includes the choice of Munchie Pack and a Fun Free Option of 28g of premium flower as well as a bottle of wine, 2 wine glasses, a loaf of Italian bread, provolone cheese, sopressata, a 4oz jar of infused honey (500mg) and an infused chocolate dessert!


How to Order

Choose 1 of 4 different Munchie Packs. Each pack has different munchies,

Movie Night, Lazy Daze, Late Night or Zen.


Next, choose Your Fun Free Option of 28g.


Lastly, choose your preference.


If you do Not want the Fun Free Option, simply choose " I do Not want a Fun Free Option" in the dropdown.


At the time of your phone confirmation a customer service representative will go over the menu, which changes daily.


Warning: Some packs may contain NUTS.



Munchie Packages:


Late Night-

  • 2 Bottle of Water

  • 2 Pack of Cookies

  • 2 Granola Bar

  • 2 Bag of Chips

  • 2 Fruit Snack


Lazy Days-

  • 2 Bottle of Water

  • 2 Danish

  • 2 Granola Bar

  • 2 Fruit Snack



  • 2 Bottle of Water

  • 2 Quaker Rice Crisps (Assorted)

  • 2 Nature’s Fig Bar (Assorted)

  • 2 Mini Kind Bar

  • 2 Bag of Keto Trail Mix (Contains Nuts)


Movie Night-

  • 2 Bottle of Water

  • 2 Bag of Pretzels

  • 2 Bag of Booty Popcorn

  • 4 Fun size Candy Bars