Custom Lunch Box- Hybrid

Custom Lunch Box- Hybrid


The Custom Lunch Box is the perfect way to Mix & Match our products to create a package just for you!


The Custom Lunch Box includes a Munchie and a Fun Free Option of Mix & Match products. 


Fun Free Options:

7g Munch's Crumbs (Bag of Doritos)

7g Flower Choice (Bag of Chips)

2g Concentrate (Peanut Chews)

1 Live Sauce Cartridge (Bag of Oreos)

6 RSO Hard Candies (Bag of Booty Popcorn)

1 RSO Syringe (Bottle of Water)

6 Pre-Rolls 7g (2 Lollipops)

8oz Jar of Honey 500mg (Beef Jerky)

1g Hash (Mini Soda)

Moon Rocks (York Peppermint Patty)


How to Order

Chose one seletion from each drop down box to customize your Lunch Box!


Must Be 21 and older to order.



Munchie Packages:


Late Night-

  • 2 Bottle of Water

  • 2 Pack of Cookies

  • 2 Granola Bar

  • 2 Bag of Chips

  • 2 Fruit Snack


Lazy Days-

  • 2 Bottle of Water

  • 2 Danish

  • 2 Granola Bar

  • 2 Fruit Snack



  • 2 Bottle of Water

  • 2 Quaker Rice Crisps (Assorted)

  • 2 Nature’s Fig Bar (Assorted)

  • 2 Mini Kind Bar

  • 2 Bag of Keto Trail Mix (Contains Nuts)


Movie Night-

  • 2 Bottle of Water

  • 2 Bag of Pretzels

  • 2 Bag of Booty Popcorn

  • 4 Fun size Candy Bars